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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unlimited PSP Downloads – Downloading Manual

Unlimited PSP Downloads – Downloading Manual

Unlimited PSP downloads used to be a dream but has now become a reality. If you are a PSP user, you may have heard of the Universal Media Disc (UMD) which Sony PSP uses for watching movies and playing games.

Benefits of PSP online download over traditional UMD movies are numerous:

Speed of PSP Downloads

Downloading a PSP game, movie or music is super-fast.

Cost Effectiveness

A PSP UMD movie can cost you anything between $18 and $30 easily. If you wish to watch different movies, be prepared to burn your pockets deeply. This is not something which most cannot afford which explains why the dwindling sales are causing major studios are to withhold floating new movies on the market. Even DVDs are cheaper than UMDs. Fortunately, there are now PSP download sites that offer one low payment for lifetime membership of unlimited PSP downloads.


Compared to searching through the display racks to find a game or movie title and queuing at the game counter or PSP movie shop to pay, many would opt to do so comfortably from home or anywhere with a PC/laptop and internet connection. It is also easy to search through the library for the desired games and movies since they are tagged and identifiable.

Quality of Online PSP Downloads

UMD only allows up to 1.8GB of disk storage space. This means that the disk capacity limitation would compromise the quality and resolution of the movie. Special bonus features which you would normally find in movie DVDs could be stripped away. Online downloads can be accessed from anywhere even if you stored it in another computer. They are almost indestructible unlike UMDs that are prone to wear and tear.


You can access to download sites and download your PSP movie or game anytime you wish. It is accessible to you 24/7. If you are thinking of watching a movie, you used to have to rip it from a DVD and save it your computer before transferring the file to your memory stick. It is too tedious. Now, all you need to do is to plug into the unlimited PSP download site, choose your movie title and download the movie directly. It’s fast and easy.

Selection of Movies

UMD movies are limited in its selection due to poor demand. This is unlike the millions of movies, games and music you can download from the unlimited PSP download sites.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that many people have switched to subscribing for lifetime membership at the download sites. Stay tuned to know which are the top PSP download sites around.

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